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Character for Life improves and enriches the lives of everybody who buys into the concept and chooses to positively
transform their lives with the help of Christ-based character building and values. Everyone who's fortunate to be exposed
to this program is provided with a strong guideline for ethical behavior and a better life.

To put it simply, this program offers to each individual the opportunity to make better choices that will serve as a positive
inspiration in their lives. The outcome is to live like Jesus: Trustworthy, Respectful, Responsible, Fair, Loving, and the
Best Example. Just like Him.

Character for Life basically consists out of two components: it's an educational framework by which universal but
Christ-based values are made practical in everyday life. It is also a company that results in a national coalition of
organisations when individuals and communities take hands to build the moral revival of our country.

Character for Life is a non-profit and impartial organization that is not bound to any specific sector. The values of the
character building program go beyond all boundaries with regards to culture, language, religion, gender and age. It is not
a curriculum, an optional extra, or a quick fix to solve our country's problems. It is a process of character training that
addresses each unique situation with values, and, with positive transformation, giving this beautiful country of ours a
second chance.


Where does Character Transformation come from? In 1992, the Josephson Institute for Etiquette in Colorado, USA,
founded the organization, 'Character Counts'. The organization then launched a program called 'The Six Pillars of
Character'. Due to the universal nature of the program, it started enjoying international attention, and so the South African
version, Character Transformation, was born. The concept of 'Six Pillars of Character' was kept, but the program was
adjusted to fit within a South African and now also Christian context.


Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. The pillars, or values, have been colour
coded to make associations easy. Each value is implemented in a unique way to meet the needs of whichever situation.


The training is the most important and yet the most enjoyable part of the program. It entails the facilitation of information
and not just the mere sharing of it. Group efforts and various media also form a part of it. At the end of the program,
there will be a discussion with regards to the implementation of the course, during which a team will be assembled to
manage and oversee the process and progress. The needs of the congregation or family will be identified, evaluated and
maintained to ensure positive results. The whole program and costs involved include the workshop, its material, and an
official launch.


The initial workshop is 8 hours long, after which the implementing continues for more or less a month, depending on
the needs of the congregation or family. Follow-up sessions will also be arranged with management.


Character Transformation assists the church and all the families as needed. In due time, there will also be an interactive
website where individuals can exchange ideas as well as all the small miracles which they have experienced.